Machine or Specialized Translation: Which one best suits your business?

Google’s revolutionary machine translation tool showed the world that, yes, it can really be useful! But, like everything in life, it’s a tool that should be used with caution, especially when thinking globally. With this in mind, can you tell when a machine translation is enough and when a technical translator needs to take over?

A company’s strategic thinking usually involves defining priorities, target market(s), personel, strategy, and several other elements that are imperative to achieving its goals and objectives. However just as there are a myriad different companies, there are also different strategies in the translation field. What is your company’s strategy?

Many companies consider data protection as an issue and already have internally implemented solutions in this regard. For others, it is an issue that is undergoing planning and elaboration, while there are still others that know that although they know its necessary, still have no plan. Despite the fact that it is mandatory in many countries, in Brazil few companies think about or comply with the new data law (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation ). Does machine translation take these issues into account?

Does your company want to invest in translation, but forgot to add in this “cost” during your strategic planning? When discussing business strategies, there is no way to dodge costs related to marketing, advertising, processes, and all the rest, and although many companies think of translation as a cost, this mindset needs to change. What do you expect from a translation investment?

We have just raised a few questions that companies must take under consideration when they need general translations, whether it is done by machine or specialized translators, but, as we mentioned here, each case is different and since every company needs translations for different purposes, we have prepared a Quiz to help you and your company better understand what your real needs are.

What kind of translation best suits your business needs? Contact us! We will be happy to analyze your needs, or you can respond to our quizz online and find out for yourself.