Our mission is to connect cultures, people and business

A study conducted by Common Sense Advisory in eight countries shows that consumers, even if they speak more than one language, are more confident when accessing content in their own language. It showed that 72.1% of consumers spend most of their time browsing websites in their native language and 72.4% said they prefer to shop on websites with content in their native language.

That is the idea behind Pazetti Language Consulting: to help companies connect with their end customers by eliminating the language barrier. The result is a closer, more objective and direct connection, without interference, allowing you to communicate your ideas, regardless of the native language of the end consumer.

We offer our clients a unique, high-quality service. Our translations are much more than simply converting a text from one language into another. Our process encompasses a thorough terminology study, using native terms and terminology that’s easy to understand for the end client, regardless of their native language. We also develop a customized glossary and proofread and edit the text. Pazetti Language Consulting truly stands out from other agencies because of its attention to detail and our experienced staff.



Simple translations

(also known as a free translation)

These translations have no official or legal purpose and encompass any text that doesn’t require a certified or notarized translation.

Technical translations

These translations have a more specific purpose. For our technical translations, we handpick our translators based on the client’s customized needs analysis. Based on the project profile we select the most suitable native translators who specialize in the subject matter.

Legal translations

Non-certified translation of contracts and legal texts on labor law, criminal, tax, consumer law, among others. We work with professionals who have vast experience in legal translations.

Financial translations

Created with professional translators who specialize in financial content and have experience in translating texts on banking, accounting, tax audits, investments and more.

Website translations

We translate the content of your company website, as well as product descriptions and specifications, terms of use and privacy policies, SEO data or your blog so your company can reach out and grow new markets.

Urgent translations

We are here to help. Contact us and ask for an assessment or quote.

Pazetti Language Consulting is unique because we carefully analyze the translated texts before they reach the final consumer. In addition to providing a range of translation services, we offer comprehensive language services for each document. Your content undergoes a number of quality control steps:

Text Review

Pazetti Language Consulting reviews all content to ensure the quality and excellence of the texts produced. We compare the original text with the translation provided by the professional. We carefully check the spelling and grammar for each language, the construction of sentences and the final objective indicated by the clients. The translation needs to undergo this review to ensure that it accurately reflects the original text.


Here we focus our efforts on finetuning the translated text. The original text is used as a reference. We reevaluate the content to offer a more natural and attractive text. At this stage we check if there are any inconsistencies in the text and ensure that it is tailored to your audience and publication. Editing is a final check to verify the quality and general structure of the material that will be delivered to the client.


We develop video subtitles for different purposes and specialties, always evaluating and adapting to the needs of each client. The idea is to deliver an outstanding final product that is ready for the customer to use. This service also takes into account aspects such as localization and cultural, historical, political and socio-economic aspects embedded in the video. We deliver the subtitles in the format best suited to the needs of our customers.


Localization goes beyond the translation process. After translation, the text is adapted to the culture and terminology of the target language. At this stage cultural, political, socioeconomic and legal aspects of the language are taken into account, highlighting or adding specific characteristics of each nationality. This ensures an even more natural and dynamic read. Communication becomes more objective and direct, reducing the risk of interference or ambiguous information. This process helps your company achieve its overall communication goals, making the text more engaging for the end reader.

Audio and video transcription

Audio and video transcription convert the original audio visual file into text. This will provide the client with an exact transcript of the spoken content in audio or video files. These transcripts can then be used to create captions or subtitles or serve as a written resource to accompany an audio or video file.

Glossary development

During the translation process we also elaborate and update your company’s glossary with terms that we consider important for maintaining the terminological standard of the company. This glossary serves as a basis not only for standardizing the current translation, but also to ensure that future translations use the same terminology. This process guarantees that our translations are always consistent and coherent. If your company already has its own glossary, we will use it as a basis for new projects and update it as needed.

Linguistic Counseling and Testing

Pazetti Language Consulting offers language tests to evaluate the language level of your employees. We can test your staff on grammar, oral comprehension and writing. We also test the volume of each individual’s vocabulary, the overall verbal skills and each student’s level of proficiency. This assessment can be part of your hiring process to evaluate employees or be part of their career plan, perhaps for a future promotion, invest in an MBA course or reevaluate the skills of your employees from time to time.

Typing, Formatting, Editing, Layout, and File Conversion

Pazetti Language Consulting offers a comprehensive range of text services, including converting files into a specific format and performing the layout of the final version. We can take care of all the layout tasks for your visual and print files. Our goal is to present the translated documents in their original format, ready for distribution and/or printing.