With the growth of Big Data, company data is increasingly accessible to people around the world, in other countries and in other cultural settings. But will they understand your data and message? Borders between countries are no longer a barrier to international trade. This provides great opportunities for companies to reach out to potential customers around the world. Prospective clients, current clients, partners and staff may be right around the corner or halfway around the world; all you need is to break down the language barrier and reach out!


It is not only a sign of respect to approach prospective clients in their own language, but it also provides a great business opportunity. The products and services that we sell must be relevant to their target audience. And whatever works in your country, may not work in another. Understanding a culture is part of understanding a language; both elements are essential for effective communication. Studies have proven that customers prefer to do business with companies that speak their own language.

Translation and technical translation

Our translation service is not just about rendering a text into another language. Our process includes researching specific terminology, developing a glossary for each client and area of specialization, as well as proofreading and editing the text to offer our clients a quality product.


All texts at PLC are edited by our competent editors to ensure we deliver a quality text. In the editing stage, we compare the original text and the translation to ensure correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. We also check that the translation is an accurate rendition of the original and we verify the use of terminology.


Proofreading is the final step in our translation process. At this stage, we focus on the translated text to make sure the final version reads well in the target language. We also check for any possible inconsistencies in the text and make sure it is adapted to the target audience and the type of publication or context in which it will be used. This is the final step to make sure the client receives a quality product.


Localization goes beyond the translation process. In addition to translating the text into another language, localization also adapts the text to the culture and terminology of a specific language or area, considering the political, economic and legal aspects of the language. This guarantees that the translation sounds very natural to the reader or listener. This will help your company in its global communication process. We make sure that all communication is not only in the right language but also culturally appropriate.

Audio and/or video transcription

The transcription of audio and video offers a faithful written rendition of the audio or video.


We are continually developing a customized, up-to-date list of terminology that appears in our client texts. We create this glossary together with our client and use it throughout the translation process, not just for the current project, but also for future translations that feature the same terminology. This process ensures a high degree of consistency and accuracy in the translations and results in a text that is aligned with each client’s unique profile, culture and terminology.

Language consultation

The current labor market demands a growing degree of language skills for certain levels and functions. Some companies already provide their staff with language courses, but are unable to evaluate the return on this investment.

Pazetti Language Consulting offers comprehensive language tests that assess everything from grammar, spoken and written comprehension to editing and verbal presentation and negotiation skills. These individual language assessments can be used to select candidates, evaluate the proficiency level of staff that are taking language courses or to assess professionals for promotions or career planning, if a specific level of language skill is required.


DTP – desktop publishing – involves the use of various tools to prepare the layout and format of visual communication resources and print materials. We offer DTP services to ensure that your translations are presented in their original format, ready for use or printing.