How to measure the value of investing in professional translation and why professional translators are important business allies.

When it comes to mitigating business risks, there are a number of benefits to professionally translating your corporate documents and materials, especially for companies that operate in international markets and do business in several languages, but how to measure the value of investing in professional translation?

In day-to-day conversations with clients, a good level of proficiency in a foreign language is a surefire way to guarantee greater understanding and success in negotiations and verbal agreements.

But when drafting purchase and sales orders, rules and procedures for commercial representatives, and any other documents of a permanent nature, professional translation can help you avoid a series of problems that go far beyond simply understanding a foreign language.

Some of the aspects that can only be properly handled by native professionals and specialist technical translators include:

   Pazetti Leaf - Bullet Use of expressions and idioms: accurately translating technical terms and expressions specific to a certain culture can prevent errors in legal processes, product manufacturing, and the interpretation of agreements. The better a document is written in a foreign language, the more commercial and legal assurance for the companies.

   Pazetti Leaf - Bullet Foreignisms: professional translators can identify words and expressions that are used colloquially but that cannot or should not be used in commercial agreements, legal documents, or corporate materials.

   Pazetti Leaf - Bullet Sensitive issues: in all languages, there are words that can have a negative connotation, depending on the context. Even if used grammatically correctly, they can be misinterpreted and create unnecessary discomfort. It is crucial to appreciate and respect the cultures your company deals with, and failing to do so can result in commercial problems, damaging future business and your own corporate image.

As well as investing in marketing or advertising to reinforce your brand, the amount you invest in professional translation services is rewarded with more credibility in the eyes of your customers and greater commercial and legal security.