A unique translation agency

Pazetti Language Consulting offers outstanding services to those who are seeking tailor-made translations and other language services. Our translations are custom-made for your business. We work in an objective and professional manner, respecting the characteristics and unique nature of each translation. We begin by conducting a thorough, technical and personalized analysis of our clients to assess their real needs, their target audience and business expectations.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals with a variety of profiles, including translators, proofreaders and consultants who are natives in the following languages: Portuguese, English, Italian and Spanish. Our team specializes in numerous areas, with a special focus on technical translations in fields such as pharmaceuticals, engineering, legal and many other sectors. Our translations are carefully created, with respect and ethics, offering flexible and personalized solutions.

Our goal is to provide our end client with a clear and objective translation, crafted and reviewed by translators who are experts in their language and deliver a natural-sounding readable text. If necessary, we also make any required cultural adaptions while preserving the fluency of the texts.